40 women-owned businesses
established and registered.

The NANUM Centers, managed by rural women, have a high projected impact not only on the communities, but also on women’s empowerment and opportunities for their families.

The project seeks to form, strengthen, and register 40 women-owned businesses. This component will formally establish and strengthen 40 NANUM businesses led by women in the three countries, who will provide and, in some cases, promote home internet service, strengthening their role as agents of change in their communities.

The project aims to strengthen women’s leadership through a training and technical assistance program to develop and strengthen skills related to: 

• Strengthening of women’s organizations.  

Digital literacy and strategic ownership of ICTs and,  

Business administration and management, with a focus on online business.

Organizational strengthening, coordination among actors, and the definition of roles will enable the adoption of organized and cohesive actions aimed at minimizing climate impacts. The exchange of knowledge and capacities within the organizations will promote consensus decisions that accelerate territorial climate adaptation processes and/or plans.