2000 people adopt adaptation solutions, 1000 loans granted, and 2500 people implement new payment solutions.

The initiative proposes a profound and inclusive change for the populations of the Chaco through connectivity in an era where information and data are the most valuable asset.

Increasing connectivity will make it possible to accelerate and scale processes, generate opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurship, access technology specific to the area, exchange opportunities with broader networks for the organizations that make up the Chaco ecosystem, and access training and multiple services and solutions that today only reach urban areas, such as: climate information and early warning systems, market information, prices, suppliers and customers, credit data and solutions, and information on agricultural technology (agtech).

This change, promoted by women, marks a milestone for these communities because, while connectivity may become easier as technology advances, this project seeks to prepare and strengthen communities so that their connectivity supports growth, innovation, and development in the context of climate change.


Promote access to and adoption of solutions that accelerate the reduction of vulnerability of Chaco communities to climate change and post-pandemic effects (COVID-19).

The FUND will provide financial support to innovative initiatives based preferably on digital technologies that generate culturally appropriate content, bridge the learning and knowledge divide, and promote local productive processes that support economies adapted to climate change and postpandemic shocks.

In agreement with partner organizations in the territory and leading innovation organizations, specific challenges will be proposed and calls for proposals will be launched to support the testing of ideas and projects in their early stages of development (new solutions) or scalability of existing solutions.